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lpow-2415a_iconLPOW-2415A, LPOW-2415B and LPOW-2460B are used to supply power to LOYTEC devices.

L Term LT x3Network terminators in DIN rail housings for the LonMark TP/FT-10 and TP/XF-1250 channels.

LBOX-600With L-BOX System Distribution Boxes, LOYTEC offers the possibility of a decentralized installation of hardware components, e.g. for the flexible room automation system L-ROC.

liob/LIOB-A2-icon.jpgLIOB-Adapters to extend or terminate the LIOB-Connect bus.

L Term LT x4LOYTEC offers network terminators for RS‑485 channels (ANSI TIA/‌EIA‑485) such as BACnet MS/‌TP, Modbus RTU, or TP/RS485 (CEA‑709) in DIN rail housings.

LBOX-ROC1The LBOX-ROC1 and the LBOX-ROC2 are designed to ease hardware installation and cabling of LROC‑40x room automation projects.

RTU 485The RTU-485 is a Modbus remote I/O communication module to remote-control Slim series DI/DO and AI/AO extension units.

DVS 008I00 Unmanaged 8 Port FE EthernetThe DVS‑008I00 is an unmanaged 8‑Port Fast Ethernet Switch with enhanced hardware design, packet protection and compatibility with multiple industrial communication standards.

DVP16SM11NThe DVP16SM11N is an input extension module to be used with the RTU-485.

DVS 110W02 3SFP Managed10 Port Ethernet SwitchThe DVS‑110W02‑3SFP Managed 10‑Port Ethernet Switch provides many essential features.

L ACT101 MPThe L-ACT are communicative actuators for adjusting dampers in building installations.