Thursday, 04 May 2017

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx, LIOB-AIRx, LIOB-586, LIP-ME20x Release 6.1.3


    • LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-AIRx LIOB-586 LIP-ME20x Firmware 6.1.3 for all L-INX Automation Servers, L-Gate Gateways (for BTL-certified LGATE-900 devices start from serial no. 009714-xxxxxxxxxxxx), LROC-xxx Room Controllers, LIOB-AIRx and LIOB-586 Controller, and LIP-ME20x Routers.
    • L-INX Configurator 6.1.2, configuration tool for all versions of the L-INX Automation Servers, the L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers, L-DALI Controllers, the L-GATE devices and also for configuration of LIOB-AIR and LIOB-586 controllers and L-ROC Room Controllers with L-STUDIO.


Tutorial: Features der L-INX 6.1 Release [LINX 6.1]

This video presents some new features of the L-INX 6.1 Release.