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LOYTEC Webinars LATAM in May/June 2020

seminar LATAMLOYTEC Webinars in Spanish language

The following webinars will be held in Spanish language. Please open the pdfs below for further details.

Webinar LOYTEC – Automatización de Sistema de iluminación con DALI e integración a una red BACnet.
May 28 + 4:00 pm (UTC-5)

Webinar LOYTEC – Integración multiprotocolo con L-VIS Touch Panels
June 4 + 4:00 pm (UTC-5)

Webinar LOYTEC – Automatización de HVAC con protocolos IP, seguridad en la red e integración al IoT.  
June 11 + 4:00 pm (UTC-5)

For registration and detailed information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., LOYTEC Sales Manager LATAM.